we-have-a-connection you tell that anon I got the photos ok

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OBTumblr is proud to present an all-new, super sassy #AskOB with the fabulous Jordan Gavaris (x)!

Double dates. Set hilarity. Wild fan theories. All A select few of your orphanblack questions, answered!

Enjoy, #CloneClub.

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we feel u 18anrv, we feel u

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Australian: making my way down town

Australian: walking fast

Magpie: aggressive bird noises

Australian: walking faster

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Since this is circulating again, I’m going to add the bonus gif again


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Orphan Black alphabet | is for Drama

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Posting on Tumblr is like talking to your cat. You don’t know if they are listening, and you don’t know if they care, but for some reason, it still helps.

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david: *opens mouth*

me: *sighs so hard my soul leaves my corporeal form and i become nothing more than a pissed off mist*

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manniing replied to your post: manniing replied to your video “mannii…

you’re not a superhero,if you were everyone would know because you’re super gullible. and yeah i love you /a lot/ andddd you can tell your brother it’s my fault or something

ummm, have you ever thought that my gullibleness might be I don’t knowwwww… a disguise? dun dun dunnnnn

or you know, maybe I’m not gullible. Maybe I’m just like, a person who has a lot of trust. I just you know, trust a lot of people and then you guys are like “whoa look a horse” and I’m like whOA A HORSE??? and there isn’t a horse and I just feel so betrayed

oh i- yeah ok good, you better. no it’s ok, I told him to go back to his room and he did :)

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manniing replied to your video “manniing I did it so many times that he got used to it and wouldn’t do…”

omg that’s sooooooooooooooooooo cute jobee is soooooooooo cute,i love him. and and also it looks like you have superpowers or something because you just point your hand at him and he follows your commands. sorry your brother died in his game heheh

um yeah, I can’t say if I’m a superhero or not because that would you bad but what can I say? :)

also you better love me a lot bc my brother just pinched me for putting this up 

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manniing I did it so many times that he got used to it and wouldn’t do it for me annnd then we he did he was waving his hands around everywhere

also Jacksan says hi, he’s obviously a very enthusiastic person :):)

ps jobee wouldn’t smile?? rude.

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